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Competition 2001
The International Philatelic Federation (Fedération Internationale de Philatélie - FIP) provides an annual evaluation of philatelic Internet sites, as a continuation of its program to encourage and promote all forms of philatelic literature. The evaluation specifically recognizes those sites which, in the opinion of the evaluating panel, are especially deserving in terms of content, philatelic significance and production. In addition, it provides short critiques for all participating sites, with helpful suggestions for possible improvement.
The evaluation includes the following classes of entries:
1. Open class, consisting of sites maintained by individuals, groups, philatelic societies, philatelic libraries or similar organizations who are members or affiliates of an FIP National Federation;
2. Official class, consisting of sites maintained by postal administrations which are members of the UPU.
1. Participants must apply for evaluation using the FIP application form, which may be obtained on-line from this site, or through e-mail at Applications may be submitted electronically or by mail to the address specified on the application form.
Closing date for applications for the 2001 evaluations is July 1, 2001.
2. A copy of the application form, together with an administrative fee of U.S. or equivalent, must be submitted to the appropriate national FIP member federation. Upon determination that the applicant meets the necessary membership/affiliation qualification, the FIP evaluation panel will inform the applicant of the site's acceptance for evaluation.
3. Sites will be evaluated live, not from hard copies or diskettes. To provide equal opportunity of available technology and to allow applicants to schedule upgrades and site maintenance, all sites will be accessed, reviewed and downloaded on the same date, as designated on the application form and/or confirmation notice. In the event of uncontrollable circumstances which may affect availability or functioning of a site on the specified date, it is the responsibility of the applicant to promptly notify the FIP evaluation panel to allow for possible revisit of the site or refund of the application fee.
4. Panel members will individually review each site, then reach a consensus evaluation. Those sites considered by the panel as especially deserving will be recognized as FIP=s Top 5%, Three Star and Two Star Sites of the year, and will be authorized to display the specially designed FIP logos on their sites acknowledging the distinction. As warranted, special prizes may also be awarded, including a nominated "Best Philatelic Site of the Year". All participants will receive individual critiques reflecting the panel=s findings, to include comments on specific strengths and suggestions for possible improvement. Results will be announced at a selected FIP world exhibition; for 2001, the announcement will be made at the HAFNIA 01 exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark.
5. Questions and comments on the evaluation program and the procedures should be sent to: Francis Kiddle, e-mail: ; mail: Punch Tree House, Reading Road North, FLEET, Hants GU13 8HS, Great Britain, fax: (44)1252.810766, phone (44)1252.613881.

D.N. Jatia passed away at 4 am on the morning of November 12, 2000. He was cremated later in the day at Calcutta. Wreaths were placed on behalf of FIP, FIAP, several other organisations; relatives, friends and philatelists attended the funeral.
D N Jatia, RDP, FRPSL needs no introduction in the world of philately. The last twenty years were D N years. Now an era has ended. D N began his philatelic career with International Exhibition 1954 at New Delhi exhibiting as a youth. He won his first gold medal for India Classics at the First National in 1970 at New Delhi. He then went on to win the National Grand Prize at the international in 1973 at New Delhi. In 1975 he became the first Indian to be on International Jury at France. D N signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1983 as the first Indian ever. He was the first Indian to present a paper at the Royal Philatelic Society London and the Collectors Club New York.
He was a fellow of Royal Philatelic Society London, member of International Association of Philatelic Experts (AIEP) and numerous other organisations in India and abroad. He founded the Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) in 1975 as the national federation and was its first president. He was also the president of Inter-Asia Philatelic Federation (FIAP) from 1981 to 1987. He was the president of International Philatelic Federation (FIP) from 1990 to 1998. He was a member of the Philatelic Advisory Committee of India Post for a very long span.
He played a key role in India's successful holding of the internationals in 1977, 1980, 1989, 1997 and was actively involved till the last day with Indepex-Asiana 2000. He was instrumental in holding bilateral exhibitions with China and Russia.
His life long work on the first Indian issue - Four Annas value was published in May this year. More important than all his achievements is the work he did to promote philately not only in India but also all over the world.
His passing away will leave a vacuum in the philatelic world. Our continuous endeavour to promote philately shall be the best tribute to his memory.
Our heartfelt condolences go out to Mrs. Ratni Jatia, may God give her the strength to bear this loss.
Knud Mohr
FIP President
(condolences address to Mrs. Ratni Jatia may be sent by e-mail to the following address:

More Responsibilities to Continental Federations
by Knud Mohr, President
The 66th FIP Congress in Madrid decided to follow the recommendation from the FIP Board to give in future much more responsibility to the Continental Federations.
It was decided that all Continents shall be represented at the FIP Board, but even more important, that the Continental Federations must be represented in each of the FIP Commissions.
First I must underline that these decisions of transferring responsibility to the Continental Federations, does not diminish the overall responsibility of FIP to the future work for our hobby, but to divide it up, so that we can be in closer contact with our members and in this way learn more about what is happening around us.
It was most evident to see how important the Congress considered this recommendation to be, by deciding that each of the Continental Federations should be represented with a Vice President in the FIP Board.
Actually this representation of the Continents has a long tradition in the FIP Board, there was George Lindberg, Sweden, Jim DeVoss USA (later Bernard Hennig and F. Burton Sellers) and D.N. Jatia, India during the Presidency of Ladislav Dvoracek, under the Presidency of Mr. Jatia, he represented Asia, with Mr. Pearson and Mr. Mohr for Europe and Mr. Sellers for the Americas. Again now the FIP Vice-Presidents represent the three Continental Federations with Mr. Koh Seow Chuan, Joseph Wolff and Elisio Ruben Otero.
However, the representation in the FIP Commission Bureaux after the elections in Madrid leaves much to be desired. Above (or in FIP No. 74, page 17) you will find a list of all Commissions Chairmen incl. the member of the Bureau which manifests the present situation, we are far from our goal! In the eleven FIP Commissions/Sections there is one with no Bureau members outside Europe and three more where there is still no representation from Asia.
To comply with the decision of the 66th FIP Congress, much has to be done and the responsibility for this must be shared between FIP and the Continental Federations.
However, I do believe we can fulfil the new stipulations in the FIP Statutes in the time required as we all know that philately in Asia is growing and undoubtedly in a few years there will be enough responsible and knowledgeable candidates, who can take over the important work within the FIP Commissions. I am pleased to note that in many Commissions they already have found philatelists from different Continental federations than the Chairman is representing to serve as secretary or - for the next four years Vice Chairman.
We are convinced that with a representation of the Continental Federations in each of the Commission Bureaux, we will have a better approach to our members which in turn will bring the FIP closer to the stamp collectors around the world. Even though we have not yet reached our target, we will do so in the near future in close co-operation with the Continental Federations.
This "job-sharing" has an additional advantage as the Continental representatives in each Commission Bureau have greater knowledge of the level of education in a specific class in their area and therefore it will be easier to arrange seminars to meet the requirements of the participants.
I am sure that the leaders of the Continental Federations will accept the responsibility and fulfil their part of the work. They can be assured to have the full support of the FIP.
May I end this President's page with saying thank you to my colleagues in the FIP Board, all member federations and especially our Secretary General for their support and I wish you all a prosperous and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Mr.Hamara Happy Kioko/welcome to web site of the ; junior philatelists of musi rawas-INDONESIA

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