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Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic   Screen Shot: Project BOB
This is a screen from Hyper Lander 2 which shows the top of a massive growth of crystals which clog an area that you have to fly through, the coolest part thought is the great cavern, a huge 4000 foot ascension chamber a few hundred yards up the tunnel.   This screen is from project BOB. It's the lava room, can you guess why? It's a great puzzle, bring bombs with you.
Screen Shot: Project BOB   Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic
This is the wooden room from the game, project BOB. I call it the wooden room because the entire floor surface appears to be wood suspended in the air.   Once you manage to escape from the falling moon you get some more information about the mysterious origin of the destroyed base and a glimpse of what is actually happening.
Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic  
Screen Shot: Project BOB
This is the rescue vehicle that you pilot through the game. It's features are described on this screen of the game.   This is the title screen from the game, project BOB. The BOB written in the sky is for show, I like how they have used the game elements to create the title.

Screen Shot: Project BOB
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Here's another shot of the lava room, notice the bombs in the center chamber?...