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Who Are We? We are a CLUB devoted to the sale and purchase of airmail related philatelic material. Our business is concerned exclusively with the sale and purchase of - flown and STAMPS/S/SHETT/FDCs /covers and etc from the pioneer period to the present day; airmail stamps, aviation thematics, aerophilatelic literature, and airmail related ephemera and etc Our Club is directed by HAPPY HAMARA KIOKO who is an Silampari Philatelic Society approved dealer, and a collector member of the INDONESIAN PHILATELISTS ASSOCIATION and the Musi Rawas Junior Philatelists Association What are our objectives? To contribute to the furtherance of an international network for collectors and within that of a world wide facility for the sale and purchase of airmail related philatelic material. To use the opportunities presented by modern communications technology, including the internet and email, to help in this. To promote the hobby of stamp collecting and a greater appreciation of the personal and social benefits that it has to offer. New Games
Six years after the discovery of ore rich moons and the successful launch of preliminary mining efforts around Saturn a mystery has begun to unravel...
Hyper Lander takes place in a large maze of tunnels and requires careful use of fuel and shield resources, and steady hand-eye coordination.

The world of philately
The making of a stamp
So common are stamps that few of us pay attention to the intricate detail depicted on the face of such a utilitarian product, but to millions of stamp collectors around the world the issue of a new stamp is an eagerly anticipated event. These are the people who examine every mark on the stamp, who explore the lore of the subject and delight in the romance of its creation. In this article we take a closer look at what goes into the making of a stamp and particularly stamps produced by the Canada Post Corporation (CPC).
During 1997 Canada Post will print more than a billion stamps, including 350 million commemorative stamps. Forty seven different stamps will celebrate nature, people, events and organizations important to Canadian business and culture, along with the production of stamps for everyday use. Commemorative stamps and related products will add more than 40 million Canadian dollars to the corporate income statement.
Producing a stamp is perhaps the ultimate quest for perfection. ”It's the coordination of a million details,” says CPC stamp design manager Georges de Passillé. We are like the conductors of an orchestra bringing in the trumpets here, the violins and bass there, on time to create the symphony. Our job with stamps is to direct the artists and designers, photographers and illustrators, the film and plate makers, the production technicians and operators to create the perfect miniature work of art."
The first step
Who decides what subjects will emblazon the stamps? Any Canadian with a suggestion may submit ideas for the consideration of Canada Post's Stamp Advisory Committee. “This is a sub-committee of CPC's Board of Directors,” explains Micheline Montreuil, director, Stamp Products. “The committee comprises artists, historians, business people, stamp dealers and philatelists appointed by the Board. It meets several times a year to review the more than 200 ideas submitted, determine the yearly stamp programme, recommend it to the Board and approve the stamp designs. The objectives of the stamp programme are to represent some aspect of Canadian history, culture or nature, to encourage stamp collecting, especially among the youth, and to meet financial targets.”
At this stage stamp marketing staff step in. First a business plan is developed for each issue, which determines the number of stamps to be printed. Details are given for sales distribution, packaging, additional philatelic and retail products, such as souvenir sheets, uncut press sheets, promotional items – paperweights, key chains, T-shirts, hats, mugs – and advertising posters. Plans are also made for media coverage and communications with collectors, partnerships and strategic alliances with businesses, other postal administrations and cultural organizations

Creating a stamp
“The design, printing and finishing of a stamp is a collaborative process starting with the research,” begins Bill Danard, design manager, Stamp Products. “We want to know the subject thoroughly to determine what should be shown on the stamp and what visual material is available. With input from both marketing and design managers, refined designs are prepared for presentation to the Advisory Committee.”
“During the design process the designer, design manager, film and colour experts, and printers consult about the size of the stamp, number of colours, paper stock, printing and finishing techniques. We use a variety of printing methods, lithography (offset) in up to nine colours, intaglio (engraving), or a combination of lithography and intaglio together with foil stamping and embossing.
“When the design work has been completed, we take the drawing, painting, photography, illustration or, most common now, cornputer-generated electronic artwork to the film house. There the electronic files are manipulated, colour separation films produced, printing plates developed and full colour proofs made. One unique production element, now being copied by other stamp-producing countries, is our use of stochastic screening on the film, giving us a much higher resolution.”
“Before the printer goes on press for the production run, the stamp image is viewed at a number of proof stages to allow for colour corrections and adjustments and a process known as “wet trap proving” to replicate the approved ink image under production conditions. About 5000 press sheets are pulled at this stage, proofed and left to dry for 24 hours before the designer and design manager sign off on six sheets, retained for archival purposes. The remainder are destroyed.”
Colour density readings are taken throughout the press run and recorded on the sheets pulled to monitor the quality of the print job. During the printing process the stamps are tagged with a fluorescent ink on all four edges. Tagging permits stamps affiÌ to envelopes to be detected by machine and is also an antifraud tactic for corporate revenue protection. Special paper is used for stamp production and such things as coating, gumming, opacity, stability and moisture content are all important to production. “Printing stamps always involves leading-edge technology,” Danard says, “as we seek ways to make the stamps both difficult to duplicate and beautiful.”
“Stamp finishing is the next stage. Perforation combs determine the size and proportions of stamps and can cost up to 35 000 Canadian dollars each. That's why perforation influences the original design,” Danard elaborates. After perforation the press sheets go to the guillotine for specialized cutting. As part of the finishing process all stamps are inspected for flaws and defective work culled out. Stamps are designated as field stock – meeting acceptable industry and operational standards - or as philatelic stock, which is inspected to a higher level and is trimmed differently. The finished products are packaged for shipping to Canada Post's National Philatelic Centre and to retail service centres, from where they are shipped to standing offer customers and to retail sales outlets.
All printing waste and defective stamps are ‘security-destroyed’, witnessed and recorded, because stamps have a monetary value. The printers also have financial accountability for the product,” concludes Danard.
(Acknowlcdgment: Margaret Chartrand, “Performance”: Canada Post Corporation)
Guide for the Development of Philately
The Guide for the Development of Philately is produced by the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP), the global philatelic organisation represented by:
The Universal Postal Union (UPU)
The International Federation of Philately (FIP)
The International Federation of Stamp Dealers' Associations (IFSDA)
The International Association of Philatelic Journalists (AIJP)
The International Association of Editors of Postage Stamp Catalogues and Publications (ASCAT)
For the first time, a guide has been written setting forth best practices for the philatelic industry, encompassing all aspects of the business.
The Guide is meant for:
Stakeholders involved in philately
Ministers and Government officials
Postal Administrations and their Philatelic Directors
Marketing and Communications Specialists
Philatelic Federations and Societies
The Philatelic Trade Agents as representatives

The UPU and its Members
How the UPU is organized
The Union's bodies
The Postal Operations Council (POC) is the technical and operational body of the UPU and consists of 40 elected member countries. It deals with the operational, economic and commercial aspects of international postal services. At its first meeting after each Congress, the POC revises the Detailed Regulations. It promotes the introduction of new postal products by collecting, analyzing and publicizing the results of experiments with new products undertaken by some postal services. It also prepares and issues recommendations to member countries concerning standards for technological, operational or other processes within its competence where uniformity of practice is essential. The POC's programme of work aims above all at helping postal services to modernize and upgrade their postal products, including not only letter post but also EMS, postal parcels and postal financial services.
The chairmanship of the Postal Operations Council for the period between Congresses is decided through election by the Council.
The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has adopted a resolution calling on the postal administrations of its 189 member countries to ensure that all users of postal services enjoy the right to quality universal postal service at affordable prices.
The resolution adopted at the 22nd UPU Congress in Beijing, China recognizes that customers' satisfaction depends on the development and continuous improvement of the quality of postal services at both domestic and international levels. It calls on government bodies responsible for postal services to ensure that standards are set for the quality of all services offered under the universal service obligation and that these standards are met in terms of accessibility, customer satisfaction, speed and reliability, security, and liability and the treatment of inquiries. Postal service providers are also called upon to ensure that performance standards are continuously monitored, evaluated, published and reviewed to ensure that they meet targeted performance levels.
The resolution is the result of a proposal by the UPU's Council of Administration based on a study on the UPU's mission. It follows concerns expressed that recent developments in the postal business environment such as increased competition, and the move towards liberalization and globalization of services, could reduce this right unless there is an appropriate reaction form UPU member countries.
To remain competitive, a growing number of postal administrations are being converted into commercial companies subject to demands of the marketplace. But in most countries, they still play a social and cultural role, representing a material form of the right to communication. The postal service provides a permanent link between the citizens of a country, and is often the only access to communication in isolated areas abandoned by other commercial activities or not yet reached by 21st century communication technologies, particularly because of their cost.
Speaking at the Congress, a representative of the World Bank, pointed out that 24 per cent of the world's population still do not have access to postal or telecommunication services.
In terms of the resolution, member countries where the postal services have been fully liberalized also need to give the world a full guarantee that universal postal service will be provided at international level. The resolution again confirms the UPU's role as a guarantor of the right of all people to communication.

On the postal administrations' webservers
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Jersey - Jersey Post
Kuwait - Administration des postes
Latvia - Latvia Post
Lithuania - Lithuania post
Luxembourg - Stamps of Luxembourg
Malaysia - Philatelic Bureau
Mauritius - Mauritius Post Office
Mexico - Servicio Postal Mexicano
Morocco - La Poste Marocaine
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Netherlands - PTT Post
New Zealand - New Zealand Post
Nicaragua - Correos de Nicaragua
Norfolk Island - Norfolk Island Postal Services
Norway - Posten
Pakistan - Pakistan Post Office
Peru - Ministerio de Transportes, Comunicaciones, Vivienda y Construcción
Pitcairn Islands - Pitcairn Islands Mail
Portugal - CTT Correios
Senegal - La Poste
Slovakia - Slovenská Posta
Slovenia - Posta Slovenije
Spain - Correos y Telégrafos
South Africa - South African Post Office
Swaziland - Posts & Telecommunications Corporation
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Thailand - The Communications Authority of Thailand
The former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia - Macedonian Post & Telecommunications
Tunisia - La Poste
Ukraine - Ukrposhta
United States of America - US Postal Service
Uruguay - El Correo
United Nations Postal Administration - UNPA
Other ressources
American Philatelic Society (APS)
BelStamps - Philatelic site in Belgium
Bureau Issues Association - The United States Stamp Society
China Philatelic Information Network
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Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web
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Philatelic Museums & Libraries directory
Postal Museums
Canada - CMC National Postal Museum
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United States of America - National Postal Museum Permanent Mission of Afghanistan
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Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea
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Permanent Mission of Lao P. Dem. Republic
Permanent Mission of Latvia
Permanent Mission of Lebanon
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Permanent Mission of Nigeria
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Permanent Mission of Poland
Permanent Mission of Portugal
Permanent Mission of Qatar
Permanent Mission of Romania
Permanent Mission of Rwanda
Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation
Permanent Mission of Samoa
Permanent Mission of San Marino
Permanent Mission of Sao Tome and Principe
Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia
Permanent Mission of Senegal
Permanent Mission of Seychelles
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Permanent Mission of Slovenia
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Permanent Mission of Somalia
Permanent Mission of South Africa
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Permanent Mission of St. Kitts and Nevis
Permanent Mission of St. Lucia
Permanent Mission of St. Vincent & the Grenadines
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Permanent Observer Mission of the Asian-African Legal Consultative Commitee
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Permanent Observer Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross
Permanent Observer Mission of the European Community
Permanent Observer Mission of the Francophonie
Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See
Permanent Observer Mission of the International Federation of the Red Cross
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Permanent Observer Mission of the International Seabed Authority
Permanent Observer Mission of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
Permanent Observer Mission of the League of Arab States
Permanent Observer Mission of the Organization of African Unity
Permanent Observer Mission of the Organization of Islamic Conference
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Permanent Observer Mission of Switzerland
Permanent Observer Mission of the Palestinian National Authority
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Mr.Happy Hamara/ sumber INTERNET daftar anggota FIP
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(in alphabetical order of the countries)

Albania Robert Ballauri
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Byelorussian Union of Philatelists
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Fax: 0032 3 449 4831

Bolivia Eugenio von Boeck
Federación Filatelica Boliviana
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La Paz

Brasil Dr. Ruben Kley
Federaçao Brasileira de Filatelia
Caixa Postal 3030
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Bulgaria Christo Nikoltchev
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Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
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Fax: 001 416 863 4592

Chile Thomas Kannegiesser A.
Sociedad Filatelica de Chile
Casilla 13245

China Minghuan Sheng
Secretary General
All-China Philatelic Federation
28 Dong An Men Street
Phone: 0086 106 513 7831
Fax: 0086 106 513 4195

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HR-10001 Zagreb
Phone 1: 00385 1 431 426
Phone 2:: 00385 1 209 12 00
Fax: 003851 492 35 96

Cuba José Raul Lorenzo Sanchez
Federación Filatelica Cubana
Apartado 6147
10600 Habana
Phone: 0053 70 51 44
Fax: 0053 70 27 09

Cyprus Dr. Minas Hadjiminas
Cyprus Philatelic Society
P. O. Box 23396
CY-1682 Nicosia
Phone: 00375 2 669 722
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Czech Republic Lumir Brendl
Union of Czech Philatelists
Pribenická 1
CZ-130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic
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Denmark Erik Vermeij
Danmarks Filatelist Forbund
Sirgraesvej 134
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Phone: 0045 32 50 18 86
Fax: 0045 32 50 18 87

Egypt S.A.R. Samra
Philatelic Society of Egypt
Abdel Khalek Saroit 16-P.O. Box 142
Phone: 0020 2 392 7540

Estonia Karl Loide
Estnischer Philatelistenverband
Postfach 84
EE-0090 Tallinn

Finland Risto-Matti Kauhanen
Suomen Filatelistiliitto
P.O. Box 257
SF-00101 Helsinki
Phone: 00358 9 5840 0190
Fax: 00358 9 5840 0192

France Dr. Robert Deroy
Fédération Française des Ass. Philatéliques
47, rue de Maubeuge
F-75009 Paris
Phone: 0033 1 42 85 50 25
Fax: 0033 1 44 63 01 39

Germany Günther Korn
Bund Deutscher Philatelisten E.V.
Mildred-Scheel-Strasse 2
D-53175 Bonn
Phone: 0049 228 308 850
Fax: 0049 228 308 5812

Great Britain Pat Rothnie
General Secretary
Association of British Philatelic Societies
16 Curlew Hill
Lancaster Park
NE61 3SH Morpeth - Northumberland
Great Britain
Phone: 0044 1670 512 328

Greece Dr. Angelos C. Papaioannou
Hellenic Philatelic Society
P.O. Box 3505
GR-102 10 Athens
Fax: 0030 1 724 0083

Honduras Nasry Bendeck
Fed. Filatelica de la Republica de Honduras
Apartado 1485
Tegucigalpa, D.C.
Phone: 00504 33 1001

Hong Kong Malcolm Hammersley
Hon. Secretary
The Hong Kong Philatelic Society
G.P.O. Box 446
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Managing Director
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P.O. Box 4
H-1387 Budapest
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Iceland Sigurdur Pétursson
Icelandic Philatelic Federation
P.O. Box 8753
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India Dilip Shah
Philatelic Congress of India
799 Gole Bazar
Jabalpur 482 002
Phone: 0091 761 312104
Fax: 0091 761 312047

Indonesia Let.Gen.(R Mashudi
Indonesian Philatelic Association
Jl. Pos No. 2, Komplek G.P.I.
Jakarta 10710
Phone: 0062 21 3861788
Fax: 0062 21 3518710

membership suspended Youssef Behboud
Iranian Philatelic Society
6/28 Andisheh 1 St., Beheshti Ave
Teheran 15697
Phone: 0098 21 84 7534
Fax: 0098 21 874 5399

Ireland Patrick Casey
Hon. Secretary
Federation of Philatelic Societies of Ireland
P.O. Box 5685
Dublin 4

Israel Tibi Yaniv
General Manager
Israel Philatelic Federation
P.O. Box 4523
IL-61045 Tel Aviv
Phone: 00972 3 6629 5547
Fax: 00972 3 6629 5547

Italy Pierro Macrelli
Federazione fra le Società Filateliche Italiane
P.O. Box 227
I-47900 Rimini RN
Phone: 0039 0541 28420
Fax: 0039 0541 28420

Japan Hiroyuki Kanai
Philatelic Federation of Japan
Hiraoka Bldg, R 601,
1-11 Ogawamachi Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101
Phone: 00813 3295 2722
Fax: 00813 3295 2722

Latvia Raimonds Jonitis
Latvian Philatelic Society
Brivibas gatve 234
LV-1039 Riga
Phone: 00371 754 1150
Fax: 00371 252 8948

Libya Mohamed A. Siala
Libyan Philatelic Association
P.O. Box 2411
Phone: 00218 21 360 9549
Fax: 00218 21 360 7230

Liechtenstein Jürg Bötschi
Liechtensteiner Philatelisten-Verein
Torkelgasse 12
FL-9494 Schaan
Phone: 0041 75 232 8873

Lithuania Z. Jakaitis
Union der Philatelisten Litauens
M. Valanciaus 3
232009 Vilnius
Phone: 00370 2 650820

Luxembourg Jos Wolff
Féd. des Sociétés Phil.du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Foyer de la Philatélie, Rue du Curé 38
L-1368 Luxembourg
Phone: 00352 476 54 241
Fax: 00352 476 54 241

Malaysia S. Anthony
Philatelic Society of Malaysia
P. O. Box 10588 GPO
Kuala Lampur 01-02
Phone: 00603 230 2532
Fax: 00603 238 8243

Malta Joe Buttigieg
FIP Relations
Philatelic Society of Malta
93 Manwell Dimech Street
Phone: 00356 431 907
Fax: 00356 431 907

Mexico Ing. Pascual Ortega Galindo
Federación Mexicana de Filatelia
Avenida Juarez No. 18 Desp. 201
06050 Mexico D.F.
Phone: 0052 5 512 3226
Fax: 0052 5 512 3226

Mongolia Sereeter Boldkhet
Federation of Mongolian Philatelists
P.O. Box 175 CPO
Oulan Bator
Phone: 00976 1 363 470
Fax: 00976 1 383 470

Nepal Shyam P. Nhuchhe Pradhan
The Nepal Philatelic Society
G.P.O. Box 342
Phone: 00977 1 261 358
Fax: 00977 1 278 508

Netherlands Henk Buitenkamp
Commissioner FIP
Nederlandse Bond v. Filatelisten Verenigingen
Postbus 4034
NL-3502 HA Utrecht
Phone: 0031 30 289 4290
Fax: 0031 30 280 0128

New Zealand David Fentress
New Zealand Philatelic FederationInc.
P.O.Box 19-119
New Zealand
Phone: 0064 7 823 6942
Fax: 0064 7 823 6943

Nigeria J. Femifola Durosomo
National Philately Promotion Council
P.M. Bag 12647

Norway Trygve Karlsen
Norsk Filatelistforbund
Postboks 875 Sentrum
N-0104 Oslo
Phone: 0047 2241 6140
Fax: 0047 2242 4812

Pakistan Salman Quereshi
Philatelic Federation of Pakistan
P.O. Box 770, GPO
Lahore 54000
Phone: 0092 42 631 1604
Fax: 0092 42 637 0017

Paraguay Anthony Chytil
Centro Filatelico del Paraguay
Casilla Postal 652
Phone: 00595 21 441 146
Fax: 00595 21 297 429

Peru Aldo Salvatteci Amador
Associación Filatelica Peruana
Casilla 2285
Lima 100
Phone: 0051 1 445 4311

Philippines Pio S. Rodriquez
Philippine Philatelic Federation
P.O. Box 135
Manila 1099
Phone: 00632 712 3847
Fax: 00632 712 3847

Poland Ludwik K. Malendowicz
Polski Zwiazek Filatelistow Zarzad Glowny
Al. 3 Maja 12
PL- 00-391 Warszawa
Phone: 0048 22 625 2052
Fax: 0048 22 625 2052

Portugal Pedro Vaz Pereira
Federaçao Portuguesa de Filatelia
Av. Almirante Reis 70/3 Esq.
P-1100 Lisboa
Phone: 00351 812 5508
Fax: 00351 812 5508

Rep. of Korea Dong-Kwon Kim
Executive Director
Philatelic Federation of Korea
Central P.O. Box 6006
Seoul 100-660
Rep. of Korea
Phone: 0082 2 779 0666

Romania Leonard Pascanu
Romanian Philatelic Federation
Str. Boteanu 6
R-70119 Bucuresti I.
Phone: 0040 1 613 8921
Fax: 0040 1 211 7022

RPD de Coree Union des Philatélistes de la Rép. Populaire
Démocratique de Corée
RPD de Coree
Russia Prof.Alexander Ilyushin
Union of Philatelists of Russia
Tvereskaya Street 12
103009 Moscow K-9
Phone: 007095 229 9329
Fax: 007095 209 2466

Saudi Arabia Mohammed Kamal Safdar
Saudi Arabian Philatelic Society
P.O. Box 9852
Jeddah 21423
Saudi Arabia
Phone: 00966 2 543 6125

Singapore Tay Peng Hian
Association of Singapore Philatelists
Jurong Point Post Office, P.O. Box 492
Singapore 916417
Phone: 0065 261 2421
Fax: 0065 266 2750

Slovakia PhD Ludomír Floch
Union of Philatelists of Slovakia
Ul. Radlinského 9
SK-812 11 Bratislava
Phone: 00421 7 354 736
Fax: 00421 7 354 737

Slovenia Valter Ratner
Slovenian Philatelic Association
P.O. Box 1584
SI-1001 Ljubljana

South Africa P.W. van der Molen
Chairman FIP Committ
Philatelic Federation of Southern Africa
P.O. Box 12508
Benoryn 1504
South Africa
Fax: 0027 11 899 6752

Spain José Manuel Grandela Durán
Secretary General
Federación Española de Sociedades Filatelicas
Federico Rubio, 12, 5
E-28039 Madrid
Phone: 0034 91 533 3291
Fax: 0034 91 535 1713

Sudan Col.Izzat Farahat Ali
Secretary General
Sudan Philatelic Association
P.O. Box 10973

Sweden Lennart Daun
Sveriges Filatelist-Forbund
Allegatan 47
S-96137 Boden
Phone: 0046 921 172 00
Fax: 0046 921 18 562

Switzerland Markus Sulger
Verband Schweiz. Philatelisten-Vereine
Gubelstrasse 54, Postfach
CH-8050 Zürich
Phone: 0041 1 312 28 27

Taiwan Fortune Wang
Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation
3F, 120, Chung Cheng 1st Road
TW Kaohsiung
Phone: 00886 7 715 9468
Fax: 00886 7 713 2465

Thailand Surajit Gongvatana
Philatelists Associations of Thailand
253 Rajvithi Road, Dusit
Bangkok 10300
Fax: 00662 243 2399

Turkey Armand Arikan
Fédération des Ass. Philatéliques de Turquie
Safak Sokak No.4/2
TR-80220 Nisantasi - Istanbul
Fax: 0090 212 293 3607

U.A.E. Abdulla Saeed Bu Hassan
Emirates Philatelic Association
P.O. Box 33333
Phone: 00971 4 224 353
Fax: 00971 4 375 561

U.S.A. Robert T. Lamb
Executive Director
American Philatelic Society
P.O. Box 8000
State College, Pa. 16803
Phone: 001 814 237 3803
Fax: 001 814 237 6128

Ukraine Vladimir G. Bekhtir
Association of Philatelists of Ukraine
Ul. Verbickogo 26 Kv. 268
253121 Kiew 121

Uruguay Helios Tonelli
Federación Uruguaya de Filatelia
Casilla de Correo 972
11000 Montevideo

Venezuela Luis Lopez y Lopez
Club Filatelico de Caracas
Apartado 61197
aracas 106
Vietnam Van Thoan Truong
Association des Philatélistes du Vietnam
18 Nguyen Du Hanoi
Phone: 0084825 71 31
Fax: 00844822 65 76

Yugoslavia Dr.Vojislav Micovic
Union des Philatélistes de Yugoslavie
Boîte Postale 236
YU-11000 Belgrade 6

Countries and territories Standard ISO
31661 Standard ISO
42172 Currency name
Alpha-2 Alpha-3 Alphabetical
Afghanistan AF AFG AFA Afghani
Albania AL ALB ALL Lek
Algeria DZ DZA DZD Algerian Dinar
Angola AO AGO AON New Kwanza
AOR Kwanza Reajustado
Antigua and Barbuda AG ATG XCD East Caribbean Dollar
Argentina AR ARG ARS Argentine Peso
Armenia AM ARM AMD Armenian Dram
Australia AU AUS AUD Australian Dollar
Norfolk Island
NF NFK AUD Australian Dollar
Austria AT AUT ATS Schilling
Azerbaijan AZ AZE AZM Azerbaijan Manat
Bahamas BS BHS BSD Bahamas Dollar
Bahrain BH BHR BHD Bahraini Dinar
Bangladesh BD BGD BDT Taka
Barbados BB BRB BBD Barbados Dollar
Belarus BY BLR BYB Belarus Rouble
Belgium BE BEL BEF Belgian Franc
Belize BZ BLZ BZD Belize Dollar
Benin BJ BEN XOF CFA Franc
Bhutan BT BTN BTN Ngultrum
Bolivia BO BOL BOB Boliviano
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA BIH BAM Convertible Marks
Botswana BW BWA BWP Pula
Brazil BR BRA BRL Real
Brunei Darussalam BN BRN BND Brunei Dollar
Bulgaria (Rep) BG BGR BGL Lev
Burkina Faso BF BFA XOF CFA Franc
Burundi BI BDI BIF Burundi Franc
Cambodia KH KHM KHR Riel
Cameroon CM CMR XAF CFA Franc
Canada CA CAN CAD Canadian Dollar
Cape Verde CV CPV CVE Cape Verde Escudo
Central African Rep CF CAF XAF CFA Franc
Chile CL CHL CLP Chilean Peso
CLF Unidades de Formento
China (People's Rep) CN CHN CNY Yuan Renminbi
Hong Kong, China
HK HKG HKD Hong Kong Dollar
Colombia CO COL COP Colombian Peso
Comoros KM COM KMF Comoros Franc
Congo (Rep) CG COG XAF CFA Franc
Costa Rica CR CRI CRC Costa Rican Colón
Côte d'Ivoire (Rep) CI CIV XOF CFA Franc
Croatia HR HRV HRK Kuna
Cuba CU CUB CUP Cuban Peso
Cyprus CY CYP CYP Cyprus Pound
Czech (Rep) CZ CZE CZK Czech Koruna
Dem People's Rep of Korea KP PRK KPW KPW Won
Dem Rep of the Congo CD COD ZRN New Zaire
Denmark DK DNK DKK Danish Krone
Faröe Islands
FO FRO DKK Danish Krone
GL GRL DKK Danish Krone
Djibouti DJ DJI DJF Djibouti Franc
Dominica DM DMA XCD East Caribbean Dollar
Dominican Republic DO DOM DOP Dominican Peso
Ecuador EC ECU ECS Sucre
Egypt EG EGY EGP Egyptian Pound
El Salvador SV SLV SVC El Salvador Colón
Equatorial Guinea GQ GNQ XAF CFA Franc (BEAC)3
Eritrea ER ERI - Birr
Estonia EE EST EEK Kroon
Ethiopia ET ETH ETB Ethiopian Birr
Fiji FJ FJI FJD Fiji Dollar
Finland (including the Åland Islands) FI FIN FIM Markka
France FR FRA FRF French Franc
French Overseas Departments:

French Guiana
GF GUF FRF French Franc
Guadeloupe (including St Barthélémy and St Martin)
GP GLP FRF French Franc
MQ MTQ FRF French Franc
RE REU FRF French Franc
Territorial Community of Mayotte
YT MYT FRF French Franc
Territorial Community of St Pierre et Miquelon
PM SPM FRF French Franc
French Overseas Territories coming within the Union's jurisdiction by virtue of article 23 of the Constitution:

French Polynesia (including Clipperton Island)
French Southern and Antarctic Territories (St Paul and Amsterdam Islands, Crozet Islands, Kerguelen Islands, Terre Adélie)
TF ATF FRF French Franc
New Caledonia
Scattered islands (Bassas da India, Europa, Juan de Nova, Glorieuses, Tromelin)
RE REU FRF French Franc
Wallis and Futuna Islands
Gabon GA GAB XAF Franc CFA (BEAC)3
Gambia GM GMB GMD Dalasi
Georgia GE GEO GEL Lari
Germany DE DEU DEM Deutsche Mark
Ghana GH GHA GHC Cedi
Great Britain: GB GBR GBP Pound Sterling
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Isle of Man

Overseas Territories (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland):
AI AIA XCD East Caribbean Dollar
SH SHN SHP St Helena Pound
BM BMU BMD Bermudan Dollar
British Indian Ocean Territory
Cayman Islands
KY CYM KYD Cayman Islands Dollar
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
FK FLK FKP Falkland Islands Pound
GI GIB GIP Gibraltar Pound
MS MSR XCD East Caribbean Dolllar
Pitcairn Islands, Henderson, Ducie et Oeno
PN PCN NZD New Zealand Dollar
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
GS SGS - -
St Helena
SH SHN SHP St Helena Pound
St Helena (Dependencies) (Islands)
- - - -
Tristan da Cunha
SH SHN SHP St Helena Pound
Turks and Caicos Islands
TC TCA USD United States Dollar
Virgin Islands
VG VGB USD United States Dollar
Greece GR GRC GRD Drachma
Grenada GD GRD XCD East Caribbean Dolllar
Guatemala GT GTM GTQ Quetzal
Guinea GN GIN GNF Guinean Franc
Guinea-Bissau GW GNB GWP Guinea-Bissau Peso
Guyana GY GUY GYD Guyana Dollar
Haiti HT HTI HTG Gourde
USD United States Dollar
Honduras (Rep) HN HND HNL Lempira
Hungary (Rep) HU HUN HUF Forint
Iceland IS ISL ISK Icelandic Krona
India IN IND INR Indian Rupee
Indonesia ID IDN IDR Rupiah
Iran (Islamic Rep) IR IRN IRR Iranian Rial
Iraq IQ IRQ IQD Iraqi Dinar
Ireland IE IRL IEP Irish Pound
Israel IL ISR ILS New Shekel
Italy IT ITA ITL Italian Lira
Jamaica JM JAM JMD Jamaican Dollar
Japan JP JPN JPY Yen
Jordan JO JOR JOD Jordanian Dinar
Kazakhstan KZ KAZ KZT Tenge
Kenya KE KEN KES Kenya Shilling
Kiribati KI KIR AUD Australian Dollar
Korea (Rep) KR KOR KRW Won
Kuwait KW KWT KWD Kuwaiti Dinar
Kyrgyzstan KG KGZ KGS Som
Lao People's Dem Rep LA LAO LAK Kip
Latvia LV LVA LVL Lat
Lebanon LB LBN LBP Lebanese Pound
Lesotho LS LSO LSL Loti
Liberia LR LBR LRD Liberian Dollar
Libyan Jamahiriya LY LBY LYD Libyan Dinar
Liechtenstein LI LIE CHF Swiss Franc
Lithuania LT LTU LTL Lita
Luxembourg LU LUX LUF Luxembourg Franc
Madagascar MG MDG MGF Malagasy Franc
Malawi MW MWI MWK Kwacha
Malaysia MY MYS MYR Malaysian Ringgit
Maldives MV MDV MVR Rufiyaa
Malta MT MLT MTL Maltese Lira
Mauritania MR MRT MRO Ouguiya
Mauritius MU MUS MUR Mauritius Rupee
Mexico MX MEX MXN Mexican Peso
Moldova MD MDA MDL Moldova Leu
Monaco MC MCO FRF French Franc
Mongolia MN MNG MNT Tugrik
Morocco MA MAR MAD Moroccan Dirham
Mozambique MZ MOZ MZM Metical
Myanmar MM MMR MMK Kyat
Namibia NA NAM NAD Namibia Dollar
Nauru NR NRU AUD Australian Dollar
Nepal NP NPL NPR Nepalese Rupee
Netherlands NL NLD NLG Netherlands Guilder
Netherlands Antilles and Aruba
AW ABW AWG Aruba Guilder
Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St Eustatius, St Maarten)
AN ANT ANG Netherlands Antilles Guilder
New Zealand (including the Ross Dependency) NZ NZL NZD New Zealand Dollar
Cook Island
CK COK NZD New Zealand Dollar
NU NIU NZD New Zealand Dollar
TK TKL NZD New Zealand Dollar
Nicaragua NI NIC NIO Córdoba Oro
Niger NE NER XOF CFA Franc
Nigeria NG NGA NGN Naira
Norway NO NOR NOK Norwegian Krone
Oman OM OMN OMR Rial Omani
Pakistan PK PAK PKR Pakistan Rupee
Panama (Rep) PA PAN PAB Balboa
Papua - New Guinea PG PNG PGK Kina
Paraguay PY PRY PYG Guaraní
Peru PE PER PEN New Sol
Philippines PH PHL PHP Philippine Peso
Poland (Rep) PL POL PLN Zloty
Portugal PT PRT PTE Portuguese Escudo
Qatar QA QAT QAR Qatari Riyal
Romania RO ROM ROL Leu
Russian Federation RU RUS RUR Russian Rouble
Rwanda RW RWA RWF Rwanda Franc
Saint Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis KN KNA XCD East Caribbean Dollar
Saint Lucia LC LCA XCD East Caribbean Dollar
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VC VCT XCD East Caribbean Dollar
Samoa WS WSM WST Tala
San Marino SM SMR ITL Italian Lira
Sao Tome and Principe ST STP STD Dobra
Saudi Arabia SA SAU SAR Saudi Riyal
Senegal SN SEN XOF CFA Franc
Seychelles SC SYC SCR Seychelles Rupee
Sierra Leone SL SLE SLL Leone
Singapore SG SGP SGD Singapore Dollar
Slovakia SK SVK SKK Slovak Koruna
Slovenia SI SVN SIT Tolar
Solomon Islands SB SLB SBD Solomon Islands Dollar
Somalia SO SOM SOS Somali Shilling
South Africa ZA ZAF ZAR Rand
Spain ES ESP ESP Spanish Peseta
Sri Lanka LK LKA LKR Sri Lanka Rupee
Sudan SD SDN SDP Sudanese Pound
Suriname SR SUR SRG Suriname Guilder
Swaziland SZ SWZ SZL Lilangeni
Sweden SE SWE SEK Swedish Krona
Switzerland CH CHE CHF Swiss Franc
Syrian Arab Rep SY SYR SYP Syrian Pound
Tajikistan TJ TJK TJR Tajik Rouble
Tanzania (United Rep) TZ TZA TZS Tanzania Shilling
Thailand TH THA THB Baht
the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia MK MKD MKD Denar
Tonga (including Niuafo'ou) TO TON TOP Pa'anga
Trinidad and Tobago TT TTO TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
Tunisia TN TUN TND Tunisian Dinar
Turkey TR TUR TRL Turkish Lira
Turkmenistan TM TKM TMM Manat
Tuvalu TV TUV AUD Australian Dollar
Uganda UG UGA UGX Uganda Shilling
Ukraine UA UKR UAH Hryvnia
United Arab Emirates AE ARE AED UAE Dirham
United States of America US USA USD United States Dollar
Territories of the United States of America coming within the Union's jurisdiction by virtue of article 23 of the Constitution:
GU GUM USD United States Dollar
Puerto Rico
PR PRI USD United States Dollar
AS ASM USD United States Dollar
Virgin Islands of the United States of America
VI VIR USD United States Dollar
Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands

Mariana Islands including Saipan and Tinian, but not the United States Possession of Guam
MP MNP USD United States Dollar
Uruguay UY URY UYU Uruguayan Peso
Uzbekistan UZ UZB UZS Uzbekistan Sum
Vanuatu VU VUT VUV Vatu
Vatican VA VAT ITL Italian Lira
Venezuela VE VEN VEB Bolivar
Viet Nam VN VNM VND Dong
Yemen YE YEM YER Yemeni Rial
Yugoslavia5 YU YUG YUM New Dinar
Zambia ZM ZMB ZMK Kwacha
Zimbabwe ZW ZWE ZWD Zimbabwe Dollar

UN member countries whose situation with regard to the UPU has not yet been settled:
Andorra AD AND ADP Andora Peseta
FRF French Franc
ES Spanish Peseta
Marshall Islands MH MHL USD United States Dollar
Micronesia (Federated States of) FM FSM USD United States Dollar
Palau PW PLW USD United States Dollar

Territory in a special situation:
East Timor TP TMP TPE Timor Escudo
IDR Rupiah

F Special Drawing Rights (SDR) XDR
Gold Franc XFO
European Currency Unit (ECU) XEU